Saturday, May 2, 2009

Knock Off's

Knock Off or Not to Knock Off

So you know in todays world fashion and image is everything. And we as woman and men will hoe, steal and not pay bills to get the flyest thing. But what in the world is going on. Do we really pay 1500.00 on a LV bag because it is LV!

Now if you got it like that do you but i think i can save some money if i buy a knock off for 400.00 i can get some shoes, belt, shirt and jeans for the rest plus some eat money. Anyway who is going to come up to me and say what, your bag would be cute if it was real.

Yeah bitch your face would be cute if i wouldn't have beat yo ass!


Shit it would be cute if you would buy me one.

(Sorry the farther i go in my pregnacy the pottier my mouth is)

So lets take a poll if you can find a nice knock off do you purchase it.


So I got on Facebook met up with random people i knew back in the day it was fun for a second. But what is next. I mean if we were meant to keep in touch wouldnt we have kept in touch and I mean i really dont know what twitter is. Am I a lame? No honestly let me know! Do you need to know when i am shitting, masterbating, or driving to the store?

And who really follows that and what comment do you make. Hey on the way to Schnucks to pick up tampons.... "Get me some too" or "I hope your cramps arent too bad"

Moving on...

So i get pregnant stomach pics but do people really want to see my stomach. I was going to post some for you guys to view more for amazement that shit my stomach is growing and this person is in it. Then i remember octomom and was mortified, so should i or should i not?

I think i am going to stick to blogging it is fun to read posts and drop different lines on whats on your mind.

2 weeks to go before the wedding YAY


So I havent been blogging in a while. So i guess i could do a recap of what has been happening but why!

So anyway I am 28 weeks pregnant and have been sick every step of the way but good news people the baby is coming early the first week of July (YEAH) my king will be entering the world and I will be back to normal.

I havent gained one pound and hopefully I will stay that way.

Yes problems still arising with my soon to be stepson (rolling my eyes) and i pray everyday not to abuse him.