Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I got on Facebook met up with random people i knew back in the day it was fun for a second. But what is next. I mean if we were meant to keep in touch wouldnt we have kept in touch and I mean i really dont know what twitter is. Am I a lame? No honestly let me know! Do you need to know when i am shitting, masterbating, or driving to the store?

And who really follows that and what comment do you make. Hey on the way to Schnucks to pick up tampons.... "Get me some too" or "I hope your cramps arent too bad"

Moving on...

So i get pregnant stomach pics but do people really want to see my stomach. I was going to post some for you guys to view more for amazement that shit my stomach is growing and this person is in it. Then i remember octomom and was mortified, so should i or should i not?

I think i am going to stick to blogging it is fun to read posts and drop different lines on whats on your mind.

2 weeks to go before the wedding YAY

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lalaliybean said...

yeah, i cant get on the twitter bandwagon either. i don't wanna know what everybody's doing and when they're doing it and i DAMN SURE don't want folks to know that much about me.

and i think pregnancy pics are beautifulll!