Friday, January 30, 2009


Thank you wonderful creator for creating such unique angels.

So I am watching television and I realized that I am in love with black woman. If you really look at us, all of us no matter how dark or light the skin color, how the texture of our hair, locked, relaxed, fro, braided, how wide our nose or lips how fat or flat our ass is we are fucking beautiful.

So every woman today look at yourself and your girlfriends, mother, daughter, and strangers and really look at them not finding something to criticize but find at least one thing to appreciate. And appreciate it. We as woman are the true creators of this world.

One thing we all have in common is that in reality we love hard. Always loving even when it is not reciprocated, giving life to others that follow so close to the road that leads to death. If you really look at the situation we are Godly. I know we all say, "I know that I am a queen," Im beautiful and etc. etc. but in reality we dont follow that mantra.

Help me father to cultivate this belief in my daughters, sisters, cousins and friends, we as woman have changed to fit into the vision of this backward ass world. No I am not saying dont wear you gucci or prada, i am not saying not to relax your hair, i am not saying dont drive that mercedes becuase of the "man"

What I am saying is that today, this very day, do what you want to do, not to prove yourself to some image of impowerment or success related to someone on television or proving something to someone on the street that really dont know you or give a fuck about you. DO YOU DO WHAT THE HELL YOU LIKE.

Enough of my soap box.

Lord help me follow what I am preaching everyday let me realize my queendom and let me love everyone no matter what color, religion, social status or choices that they make whether I agree or not.

I love you


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