Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Prayer

I am not a blogger or a writer, and I dont pray like I should but you know that I love you and this year I am going to build a stronger relationship with you. You are my teacher, husband, father, and friend.

Lord I begged you to bless me with a child and you have granted my prayer plus given me a wonderful husband to be. But I really dislike being pregnant, I am always in pain, throwing up, full of gas and heartburn please relieve my discomfort.

I am addicted to the salty chicken builloin cubes even though they contain MSG they help my stomach settle. Plus I am a freakin spitter OMG I hate it soooo much. I am not being ungrateful but this is not what I expected.

So lord please adjust my attitude, make me more patient and loving, help me gracefully accept the changes that are occuring in my life, help me love you better by loving other people.



B-More BAP said...

Beautiful & Honest :-)

suiteSTL said...

WOW - without knowing you (I don't think) or anything about your situation I must say that your words were moving.

Good look on the whole preggo thing. Things will get better I'm sure. And good luck on the wedding

hotredsly said...

nice blog,but girl I know it's hard but try to enjoy the great thing that come with being pregnant.
my husband and I been trying for a really long time and we have been praying about it even longer and I have yet to enjoy the joy or pain of being a mom,so enjoy it girl.the lord will see you safe and keep u strong just trust in him.hope u are feeling better