Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Prayer

So I am new to blogging and I know I need to post pictures as I look at others blog pages. All are interesting. Its snowing out and I love the elements of snow and rain. Lets you feel so care free when you know that you cant create or control something so beautiful. Thank you Lord.

Last night I fought with my fiance because of all the plans for the new baby is so extensive but he feels like I am leaving his other children that are from a previous relationship out. Like my child is better than them.

That is not true at all, but I have accountability for this one I am carrying. I dont have kids so I dont know how to be a mother yet. What does he expect they are older than 10 years old and have relationships with there own mother. I do love them but is it wrong to love mine a little bit more. I feels so bad to think about it and even worse to write it.

I am going to work 2 hours late, hope I make it there safely another day of throwing up and spitting, fun! But I did get some this morning and it was soooo great. Put me to sleep.

Love ya!

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hotredsly said...

thanks you girl for stopping by my page.
try not to worry and get too work up about stuff in your life right now,just try to take it all one step at a time.I funny how life always have to have a-little drama in it at all time,I think having a child will takes getting use to so many changes in our life as we go.and it all come with making mistake and learning as we go along.you and you man will be fine i am sure just take it easy