Saturday, February 7, 2009

20 Things About Myself

So on random pages have posted these 25 facts about yourself originating from facebook. Facebook? dont really know what that is or really care to. But reading about other people is hilarious so read on about me LMAO! i only did 20 things shit i dont want to tell you everything!

1. My daddy is a whore (sorry mom if you are reading) and he really fucked me up on relationship.Really fucked me up.

2. So relative to #1. I have a tremendous fear of commitment, like terrible anxiety. My bestfried will have to drag me down the aisle especially since i cant pop a Xanax or drink vodka since Im pregnant.

3. I am always in control but i hate it so therefore i drink almost everyday so i can have an excuse to be out of control. (b4 preggers status).

4. i still crave alcohal really bad I think im an alcoholic but i am okay with it really.

5. in reality i am a weed head but i cant because of my proffession. when i retire i will probably be high everyday all the time. Joints not blunts. Eww. Good weed you only need a little.

6. i really do think im gorgeous some people think i am a bitch, but really u guys im fucking sexy ass hell but i think beauty is overated. as i get older i realized that shit means nothing at all.

7. I called my self "flygirl" and this stupid shit it tattood on my body from a rap song from lil' kim and jay z "I know what girls like." ill post the verse that got me.

8. I am a manipulative, freak nasty, bitch. I have learned to train and repress these things but really that is what i am and i know it. I dont really give a fuck only about my self as of now.

9. eventhough it is about me all the time. i am not a hater, i mean i love everyone and think that everyone is the shit.

10. i am slightly racist i mean i love everyone but i dont believe in race mixing.

11. i am extremely messy. not like roach infested just have a lot of shit and i dont believe i have to pick it up. i believe i should have a house keeper.

12. i wish i was beyonce or kimora lee simmons.

13. i wanted to pose for playboy.

14. i want fake boobs.

15. my stomach is not flat and eventhough i want lipo suction. again i really dont give a fuck and if my boyfriend wouldnt bitch. i would put a bikini on sit on the beach and drink my fucking margaritas.

16. i am obsessed with my lil sister absolutely in love with her.

17. i have a perfection complex. not that i want to be perfect i just want you to think i am.

18. i am saved, it was a supernatural experience, really changed my life, but i think religion and its rules are man made. But i did have a prayer session and i had some demons removed from me. this shit is real people. i use to be a witch!

19. i am so freaking over the top on everything. i am so fucking gaudy and i love it.
20. I use to want to strip LMAO! had a routine and everything. dont know why. okay yes i do. lets be honest i believe men or such small minded individuals that are so beneath a woman it is ridiculous. and when i was a young girl i knew they were easy to be manipulated. now that i am older i just know you can do it with your words and mind.


hotredsly said...

girllllllllll you crazy,lol

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I want to pose for Playboy too. Let me know when they start accepting applications and I'll meet you there. Just can't let my boss know or my church family. (lol)

Love, peace and blessings.

ChoColAte KiSs said...

the first 5 things were about alcohol!!!
You are prolly as REAL as they get...seriously