Monday, February 9, 2009

Things that make you say hmmm.

So I was laying down next to my boyfriend admiring my baby. you know how we do, oh his swagger is so sexy, he so fine to me, the sex be the best etc. etc. I then started to think about his flaws and all the things I over look when dealing with him.

So ladies I thought about my past relationships where at the time of happiness we look at all the positives and forget or rather deny the negatives. After the relationship passes we say that nigga wasn't shit anyway blah blah blah and we cant believe we were into him that long.

So are we the reasons that these men are so fucked up now. you know u meet a man in a club or the street and you think you cool, but who souped your head up! you not all of that.

  • i mean you got a nice car but your furniture is cheap as hell.
  • you dress nice but you cant even complete a sentence.
  • your money cool but nigga i seen and had more.
  • thanks for the drink but this is a special tonight i could of got this myself, you didn't do me a favor.

So maybe we need to tell these niggas the truth when it comes to there negatives. think about it they are quick to point out our bullshit. we always trying to protect there feelings.

When he gets home I am going to point out some shit just to keep him in his place. I suggest we ladies all do the same.

Keep it Pimpin Queens


Unbreakable said...

I think people often leave out the negative for different reasons, and when this happen they do have something to sort of use to recover when the relationship end's.

as you stated in your post, when your with someone and happy its like they are perfect,but as soon as things go wrong, they are the worst, this is more on the females side. correct me if i am wrong.

suiteSTL said...

Girl now this was just funny as hell. I was digging this like "damn look at my cuz spitting knowledge" lmao!!! u r going to cause a war pointing out that man's negatives. lol

hotredsly said...

great blog as always girl

Princess Mina said...

I agree, I don't sugarcoat anything for my love because he wouldn't hesitate to point out my flaws lol. When he's great I tell him I adore him and when he annoys me I tell him he's pissing me off and needs to relax with all that.

Great post, true but funny!

JaeSpenc said...

Girl I LOVE this blog... I came across it while reading one that I follow--

I think we leave out the bad stuff in 'good times' to stroke their ego. We don't want to hurt their oh so fragile feelings so we pretend that they're the SHIT! lol

Once it's over, it goes the OPPOSITE way... we wanna cut them to the quick if possible... lol so we think about all the bad stuff and then let them have it how it REALLY is.

Angel said...

Its true, we sort of put up with the bad stuff becuase we love them

With my man because of all the rubbish I had in the past I dont let anything slide..the sorry...constructive critisim really help him improve :)