Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pregnancy Woes

So im so nauseated unbelievably nauseated and so i ate some Miso soup and a little dry cereal. Big mistake. I threw that up everywhere. Than i began strange dry heaving over and over. it was gross. my lower stomach started cramping. then you know what happened next. called my hubby to be and cried miserably for at least 5 minutes while he is at work.

He attempted to calm me down but that didn't work. i acted like it did for his sake just so he can make his money.

Now I'm sitting depressed because 17 weeks preggers it just has to get better right?

My lil sister is going to bring me some Mexican pizza from taco hell and a soda i am excited to eat and to see her. as you know from my previous posts I'm in love with my sister.

please someone take my pain from me.

Dear Lord:

i know you will never put more on me than i can bear, but this is really hard for me and i need you to take this pain and discomfort from me. Or at least let me go through this like a woman and not like a lil' sissy!



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Go through the pain and not "around" it. I don't know if if all "Eves" fault or not, but the end result is what makes it all worth it. I know those words don't comfort you know but when your precious package arrives, you will not remember anything that happened before and just may be willing to do it all over again (smile)

You may want to try some yoga or something calming in the mean time...

I'm praying for the pain and discomfort to pass.

Thanks for supporting my Law Enforcement blog and stop by A free spirit butterfly when you get a chance.

Love, peace and blessings!

Angel said...

Awww hun, I cant imagine how you are feeling because I have never been blessed enough to be pregnant but I will think of you.
A Free Spirit Butterfly - wow I only hope I have someone like you around when its my turn

Yolanda said...

Bless your heart- I so hope the nausea and throwing up passes soon! Pregnancy is hard enough without not being able to hold down food. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, its nice to have another preggie blog friend to commiserate with.

suiteSTL said...

awww I feel so sorry for you. I had it bad but it sounds like you have it worse. hope you feel better....yeah yeah yeah I know you blame me for this. lol

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I have never been blessed with a pregnancy, but my sister had awful nausea.

She had to find things to settle her stomach. For her it was a lot of fruit. Maybe try liquids like Sprite or Ginger Ale. If that stays down, then add on some saltines. Not the best diet, but it may help...

Peace and Blessings,