Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can You Believe This Sh#t !!!!!

So if you don't know by reading my post I am the fucking Police (go ahead make your jokes, roll your eyes, yes i am the fucking pig!) anyway my brother gets locked up today in my area for Burglary, then this asshole drops my name.

Now the issue I have is if you do some ill dumb ass shit own up to it and take it like a man. But this city is so fucking big why in the fuck would you go in my area to do some shit and then drop my name. If I was at work I would have whooped that ass.

It is hard enough for me to work with my co workers (white, male) but now I am going to have to go to work and get interrogated by they ass. You know justify your family shit that i don't want to or feel like i have to.


I have a brother already incarcerated and it looks like they going to give him 20 years and it hurts me sooo bad. But this idiot looks like he wants to follow his footsteps. Especially on some whack thievery shit. TACKY.

I'm scared to have a boy, ladies, it seems like the woman lately have really stepped up to the plate and progressed but what can we do to help out our men?

Love Ya

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hotredsly said...

wow girl sorry to hear about your pain! all you can do is pray for your brother and leave it to God because he is a grown man and will have to pay the price of breaking the law.
Pray over your baby and speak good things about his or her life,your baby will be fine.
all we can do after all is teach our kids to do right and the rest is up to them