Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So everyone on television is pregnant but not anyone close to me, such bullshit. I mean can i have a friend thats pregnant so we can do silly things together like the zoo, science center, magic house, disney cruises with the kids, we get drunk while the kids play together (LOL).

And fuck all you who roll your eyes and think i am a bad mother cause i drink martinis everyday i say and do shit you wish you had the ovaries for (LMAO)!!!

Now back to what I was saying,

My cuzz is also getting married and i am so excited, but you know its like we really are at that age. responsibility, family, job, role model type b.s.

So people ( I usually say ladies but men can benefit from this too and there are some that do read my blog) remember what type of person you said you would be, and strive to become it.

What type of woman am I:
Sexy, confident, cute shoes, rocking hair cut, positive, god fearing, god loving, traveler, food connoisseur, trustworthy, good friend, monogamous, common sense, intelligent, reader, movie goer, live life with no regrets, type black woman.

Take in mind these things can change and thats the best thing of it all. Post what type of person you are on your blog or on my comments. inspire me to add something i forgot.

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