Sunday, February 15, 2009

He Called Me

Today bloggers at 8:00 A.M. this morning God touched me, I was listening to the gospel radio grooving to Second Chance by Hezekiah Walker and then Thank You by Yolanda Adams came onto the radio. It was so comforting and the words were so truthful and I was relating to the music. Then my God laid into my spirit that I have been gone too long.

And it is the truth. I haven’t been to church for at least 8 months and it affects who you are. There wasn’t anything that prevented me from going to church, I guess life just happens and you get caught up with excuses on why today you shouldn’t go and then you pacify yourself with, I will read the bible and it will be okay, but its not. You need this word every week to cleanse you to put your purpose of life into perspective to prepare you for the upcoming week.

Dear Lord,
I got off, I became selfish and worried about caring for myself rather than trusting you to care for me. I need you Lord to prepare me for my assignment of encouraging and uplifting your people. Forgive me for not setting the example that you required me to lead. I love you, prepare me to return to you Father God, remove the embarrassment and pride from me for not being seen at church for that is glorifying me through your people and not you.
Love you wonderful Father, Amen


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I know HIM and HE will forgive your absence and grant your prayer. He doesn not hold grudges and he does not keep track. We are so much harder on ourselves than anyone we know. I'm sure that your Church family misses you and how wonderful an example to set for your upcoming arrival.

I went last night and it felt wonderful. Like you, I sometimes get distracted; but HE kindly taps me on the shoulder to remind me of my priorities.

Love, peace and blessings!

Kenya Says said...

Amen to you Fly Girl and Amen to A Free Spirit Butterfly