Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is the verse that inspired me to call myself FlyGirl from Jay-Z "I know what girls like"

Theywant a cutie with a booty like POW!

Deeper than a MILE!

Earrings shine like TADOW!

But I'm a real bitch so you know I do real thingsOnly real bitches live like queens - Get it?

Safety deposit in the walk-in closets

Marbel Faucets with the matching Rolls Royce's

In the driveway from Monday to Friday

I be the richest, s**tting on these bitches

While chickens cluck giving up the butt

I plays the cut with the Daddy Warbucks

You can call me a slut, who gives a f**k

That's fine n***a s**t, I'm a good with mine

I can tell by your shoes you know what I want

f**k a pre-nup give me half up front

My sex be the best so we split these costs

You can stop saying mine And start saying ours

Im a fllllly Girl.

And eventhough you cant really like listen to and take lessons fromlil kim. This was the shit and i was and still feeling.

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