Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Randomness

I wanted to change the look of the page. I love black but it was kinda to dark for how i have been feeling lately. though i wear black like everyday.

My wedding size has grown to 80 people and will accommodate at least 100 people. colors are now silver and black. we bought a lot of stuff yesterday and surprisingly he was so into it. i guess i can post some pics of some stuff but will you really care?
This is my wedding invitations but with silver writing this is what we wrote on it. give me your honest opinions.
Prelude to a love story
Boy meets Girl,
Boy ask Girl to marry him.
Girl says ?
Join us for the rest of the story on
May 16, 2009, etc,etc etc.
Is it tacky? we thought it was cute now i am unsure. its too late now anyway its already ordered.
No one knows this detail. Our wedding is a big ol' cocktail party.
We have a prewedding party at 5 p.m., appetizers, open bar, DJ then we get married at approximately 6:30 during sunset. Then i have a candle lit path that takes you to the reception around 7:30pm were we have a different party set up with food, DJ and another open bar set up.
I think its hot, non traditional, like i like it!


lalallaliyah said...

aw i think that's a cute invitation idea. it creates some anticipation and humor. i likeee itt.

hotredsly said...

that cute girl and so different

Sha Boogie said...

That wedding sounds hawt! And I likey the invite...totally original and memorable ;)

ShonaVixen said...

girl, i love your invite..so not tacky @ all!!!

Angel said...

I love the invite and the style of the wedding!!

Kenya Says said...

a big ole' cocktail party- that sounds so cool! congrats

Anonymous said...

Awww you have the same wedding date as me and my fiancee' congrats!